Jan. 30th, 2017

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It's interesting to see the sophistication of the game Trump is playing and how -- once again -- the media (and the Democratic party) is entirely missing the real story. Let's see what he's doing here:

1. In his first week, he flooded the political landscape with a series of bold, even outrageous executive orders. This leads to two effects: His voters are going to be impressed by how much he got done and how many of his promises he supposedly kept in just the first week -- unlike any politician they know. This solidifies his base, which is essential for effective ruling. Also, it shuts up his critics in his own party because everybody probably got something they liked this week.

On the other hand, it confuses his opponents. They don't know where to direct their outrage. Should you protest against the pipelines, or the Mexico wall, or the abortion funding ban, or the Obamacare repeal?

2. Then he does something that is purposely designed to cause particularly strong emotional outrage, while keeping another campaign promise: Banning immigration from certain Muslim countries (fun side fact: The Trump administration didn't come up with the specific list of countries. It was established by the DHS under Obama).Read more... )


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